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Mallon Ch. 4

Who were Thomas and Mary Nichols? Did their free-love philosophy make an impact in America, either then or in later years?



At Texas Tech some thought that the Professor should retract his application for tenure and resign at the end of the year….
What are some other schools’ policies for the same type of thing?


I need to cancel class today for personal reasons. See you Thursday.

texas tech

are there any other scandals/examples of plaigarism that have come from Texas Tech?

Ch. 4 of Stolen Words

Of the books that Sokolow published, which were labeled as having plagiarized passages?
I have another question that may be hard to research, but I was wondering, how did Thomas Mallon know so many minute details about the Sokolow investigation? On pg. 157, he writes about all of times and locations of different phone calls and meetings. He even knew that someone’s wife had answer the phone.

Texas Tech’s Consequences

Were there any negative consequences involving Texas Tech University after it was discovered that Jayme plagiarized many sources for almost all of his articles?


What do we know about Sokolow’s childhood, if anything at all?

jayme sokolow

After finding that he had plagiarized many passages in his dissertation, has Sokolow had any of his works published thereafter? Is he still regarded as being credible in the literary world?

Stolen Words and E.B. White

E.B. White “roughly” categorizes plagiarists as either a “thief,” a “dope,” or a “total recall guy” on page 191 of Mallon’s book Stolen Words. What was White’s motivation for developing these models and does it still apply to plagiarists today?

Reade’s Plagiarism

In chapter two, Mallon uses examples of Reade’s plagiarism. As he looks deeper in the the plagiarism, he finds several works that are all blatantly plagiarised from the same source but were not recognized as plagiarism for quite a while after they were published. Are there any examples of literature in the modern world that escaped detection as plagiarism for a long time after being published?