HON293C: Literary Scandals and Controversies

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Blog Assignment (for the semester)

Goals of the assignment:

  • to help you understand unfamiliar terms and concepts raised by the work we are reading;
  • to help you evaluate the work we are reading by asking you to examine the primary and secondary sources it cites and making your own judgement about them;
  • to help you connect the work we are reading to other, similar issues by asking you to locate those issues.

The first part of the weekly assignment is to ask a question about the reading for this week — a real question; i.e., something you don’t know the answer to. Ask a question that your classmates can answer quickly. Questions are due before class (which starts at 4:30pm) on Tuesday. Post your question to the blog.

The second part of the weekly assignment is to answer someone’s question (not your own; claim dibs in the comments to the question). You must cite at least one authoritative source. Answers, unlike questions, can be as long as you like. Answers are due before class (which starts at 4:30pm) on Thursday. Post your answer in comments.

Note that you’ll be asking a question about Tuesday’s reading every week, and you will not be asking questions about Thursday’s reading.

Good research questions include these:

  • What is a “seal” and why would Shakespeare’s having one have indicated that he was upper class?
  • Is Wells’s characterization of Rubinstein fair?
  • Does the scene in Midsummer Night’s Dream in which Bottom becomes an ass support Wells’s reading?
  • Are there any other famous instances of “false authorship”?

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